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Welcome to Pacific Northwest Native Lacrosse



Our camps and clinics in Tribal communities teach lacrosse skills and honor its Indigenous roots, empowering Native youth and growing the game.


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Native Lacrosse Club, a vibrant community dedicated to revitalizing lacrosse's rich heritage among Native youth in the Pacific Northwest. At PNWNL, our vision is clear: we strive to significantly increase the participation of Native youth in lacrosse, a sport deeply intertwined with Indigenous culture.


Our GOals

Our goal at PNWNL is to recenter the sport around its origins — a sacred gift to Native peoples, intended for healing, community building, and the enjoyment of the Creator. Through our efforts, we aspire to foster a renewed appreciation for the game's traditional values and its role in strengthening community bonds. We will do this through: 

An Online Platform

We are creating a dynamic digital space to showcase and celebrate Native Lacrosse across the Pacific Northwest. This platform will highlight the sport's regional presence and serve as a hub for cultural exchange, stories, and events.

Native Youth Programming

Central to our mission is the introduction of the "Medicine Game" to tribal communities in our region. Through engaging youth programs, we aim to connect young players to lacrosse's traditional roots, teaching them the game's cultural and spiritual significance alongside its physical and strategic aspects.

All-Native Travel Team

Our ambition culminates in the formation of an All-Native Lacrosse team, poised to compete in the various lacrosse tournaments across our region. This team will demonstrate athletic prowess and embody the spirit and values inherent in the "Medicine Game."

Our Vision

"Empowering Native Youth through Lacrosse: Bridging Culture, Community, and Sport"

Alexa Young, CA

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