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Our Vision

"Empowering Native Youth through Lacrosse: Bridging Culture, Community, and Sport"


Our vision at Pacific Northwest Native Lacrosse is to foster a future where Lacrosse is not just a sport but a catalyst for empowerment among Native youth. We envision a community where the rich heritage of Lacrosse is celebrated and its teachings are used to nurture physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Through the spirit of the game, we aim to connect youth with the game's cultural roots, promote inclusivity, and build leaders both on and off the field, creating a lasting impact that transcends the sport.

Our mission

"Reviving Tradition, Connecting Cultures, Building Community"


At PNWNL, our mission is to reintroduce and recenter the traditional game of Lacrosse within Native communities of the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to:


  1. Cultural Revival: Celebrating and educating about the native origins and spiritual significance of Lacrosse, honoring it as a gift from the Creator and a vital part of Native American heritage.

  2. Youth Development: Providing Native youth opportunities to learn and excel in Lacrosse, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline while nurturing leadership, resilience, and a sense of belonging.

  3. Community Engagement: Building a robust and inclusive community around Lacrosse that connects Native youth with the culture of the game, encourages mutual respect, and promotes wellness and unity through sport.

oUR values 

Honoring our Roots 

We deeply value and respect the rich Native American heritage of Lacrosse. Our commitment is to preserve, celebrate, and educate others about the cultural significance and traditions of the game, ensuring they are passed down through generations.

Unity in Diversity 

Our club is a beacon of community, unity, and inclusivity. We strive to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and connected. Embracing diversity, we engage actively with local Native communities to ensure our club reflects the vibrant tapestry of the Native people we represent.

Growing Stronger Together

We believe in the power of Lacrosse to empower individuals and communities. Our focus extends beyond athletic prowess to encompass personal growth, leadership development, and holistic wellness. We are dedicated to nurturing these qualities in our members, fostering a generation of balanced and resilient individuals.

Playing with Honor

 Integrity and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of our club. We uphold the highest ethical standards on and off the field, respecting teammates, opponents, and the game's rules. Representing our heritage and club with pride, we set a positive example for our members and the wider lacrosse community.

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