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In the Pacific Northwest, a region rich with Native American history and culture, there's a pressing need for initiatives like the Pacific Northwest Native Lacrosse Club (PNWNL). Our club stands not just as a sports organization but as a vital cultural bridge, reconnecting Native youth with a significant part of Native American heritage.

Reviving Cultural Connections

Lacrosse, traditionally a Native American game, has evolved and expanded worldwide, often drifting from its cultural roots. PNWNL is here to remind players and the wider community of lacrosse's origins as "The Medicine Game," a sport deeply embedded in spiritual and communal practices. Our club serves as a beacon, rekindling the cultural connection that many Native youths have been missing in contemporary sports landscapes.


Increasing Native Youth Participation

There's a noticeable gap in the participation of Native youth in lacrosse within the region. While the sport has grown in popularity, its representation doesn't fully reflect the diverse communities of the Pacific Northwest. PNWNL aims to change this narrative by actively encouraging more Native youth to engage in lacrosse, offering them a platform where they can play, learn, and grow in an environment that respects and celebrates their heritage.


Fostering Holistic Development 

Beyond the field, PNWNL focuses on the holistic development of young athletes. We aim to instill values such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience, ensuring that our members grow as players and individuals. Our programs offer mentorship and guidance that extend well beyond the sport, preparing our youth for various life challenges.


Bridging Communinty Gaps 

Finally, PNWNL strives to fill a crucial gap in community engagement and collaboration. By building partnerships with local tribes, educational institutions, and other organizations, we're creating a network that supports and uplifts Native youth. These collaborations are essential in providing comprehensive support systems for our members, ranging from cultural education to athletic training.

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